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Empowering parents on their journey to raise healthy, compassionate, secure children.

As your kids grow they may forget what you said, but they won't forget the way you made them feel.
Mother with her Child
Adjusting Expectations for Stress-free Mothering
Baby's Grasp
The Ins and Outs of Attachment Parenting
Pregnant Woman in Nature
Crazy Beautiful Life

As a parenting coach and educator, the number 1 thing that comes up with parents, with children of all ages, is the importance of adjusting our expectations for stress-free mothering. Take a look at the 3 top expectations that I find parents holding onto which causes stress when there doesn’t need to be.

Learn about what Attachment Parenting means to me, and what it can mean for you. This is a great introduction to the concept of Attachment Parenting. 

**Note: Classes are no longer being taught at Nashville Birth and Babies, but you can visit the "Services" tab above to find a class near you!

Make sure you check out my blog "Crazy Beautiful Life" for a personal look at putting Attachment Parenting into practice. Life may be crazy and imperfect at times, but it is always beautiful!

"Victoria was amazing, loved the information given. She has a awesome personality. Thank you so much."

- Ariella, Murfreesboro, TN

"Very helpful class, I recommend it to anyone who needs more guidance on positive parenting."

- Sonia, Nashville, TN

"Victoria was easy to talk to, very engaging, and worked well with scheduling. Some significant takeaways were learning patience and proper communication."

- R.A, Murfreesboro, TN

"Victoria was great. She was friendly, relatable, and informative. One thing in particular that I was thankful for was offering additional resources for the discipline class! The Attached at the Heart program as a whole was great. for us because my husband was not completely on board beforehand but he is now and also, it helped me get back into the appropriate mindset. It also helped me realize the areas where I struggle and was offered suggestions on how to help!"

- K.A, Murfressboro, TN

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