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Baby feet in wrap

The cutest little baby feet....I may be biased.

When my oldest was born I was introduced to the wonderful world of babywearing, and I never looked back. Babywearing allowed me to meet her need for connection and my need to live out of a chair. I wore her while cleaning, while doing things in public, when she was not wanting to be put down, when I wanted to do stuff with our name it. 

Then when my second came along babywearing helped me to easily give love and attention to both children at the same time. It enabled me to be an active parent with my oldest. It gave me free hands for being a mom of two.

Research shows that babies benefit from consistent, nurturing, and responsive care. It promotes attachment, brain development, and a sense of security. 

Did you know that babywearing counts as tummy time? That's right, this is a great way to strengthen the core muscles your baby needs to become more mobile as they grow.

Many parents have questions about babywearing and I'm here to help demystify this great parenting tool!

Common questions:

     - Which carrier should I get?

     - How do I use this carrier?

     - What if my baby doesn't like it?

     - Is it complicated?

     - What are the different styles of carriers?

I am here to help answer all of these questions, and more!

Some parents need help getting the carrier to fit comfortably. Some want help with making it feel more secure. Some want to learn how to wear baby on their back. Some want to learn about the many benefits of babywearing. Whatever guidance you'd like, I'm here to help. I'm passionate about babywearing and I would love to help you love it too!

holding hands.png

Tandem wearing cousins, holding hands.

Babywearing Consultations

The best way to get the guidance you desire around babywearing is to schedule a 1:1 consultation. Babywearing is a very unique experience. Everyone has their own preferences and things to consider so a private consultation allows for you to get the individual attention you need to best fit your unique needs.


Some common questions: ​

Do I need to have my own carrier?

No, we can do a consultation regardless of whether you have a carrier or not. Consultations can help you pick out a carrier, troubleshoot a carrier that you currently have, or even help you find another style carrier that you may enjoy.

Do I use my baby when learning to babywear?

Not at first. In order to decrease stress while learning to babywear I actually encourage you to use a babydoll (I provide if in person), or another similarly sized object, to practice with at first. This allows you to easily learn the techniques without the stress of a crying or wiggly child.

Can I do a consultation while pregnant?

Yes! This is a great time to learn about babywearing! If you learn while you are pregnant then you can enjoy the benefits of babywearing right from the start. Here is a picture of me wearing my youngest at 2 days old! 

Can my partner join me for a consultation?

Yes! It is wonderful when your partner wants to be involved. Whether it is so they can best support you, or so they can learn how to babywear themselves, I always encourage partners to join in on the learning!

2 days old

I am a caregiver, can I do a consultation without having my own baby?

Yes! I love working with caregivers to learn how to properly babywear. Whether you are a grandparent, aunt/uncle, nanny, or other caregiver, it is wonderful that you want to learn how to babywear so you can best support the family you are caregiving for. 

Me wearing my 2 day old baby in a woven wrap. Proud mama moment!

Where will we meet?

If in the Nashville area, I can come to you. We can also meet at Native Pilates in Donelson, TN, or at a local library or other public space. 

Can we meet virtually?

Yes! While it is great to be able to meet in person, it is certainly possible to do a consultation online as well. A 10% discount is available for online consultations.

Babywearing Classes

Nashville Area Classes

There are no babywearing classes scheduled at this time. Please contact me for a private consultation.


Online Classes

There are no online babywearing classes scheduled at this time. Join my mailing list to find out when classes will be offered virtually.

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