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Parent Coaching

Support for Parents and Caregivers

There may not be a manual for parenting but there is support and direction available to those who want to be better prepared, more informed, or are feeling lost and would like more direction. 

There are so many unique parenting scenarios: parent-to-be, new parent, parent to young children, parent to older children, blended family, co-parenting, grandparent raising grandchildren, military family, and so on. Each person's situation is different and to make it even harder, what works for one child may not work for another child. All of this can leave parents and caregivers feeling overwhelmed and at a loss for what to do. 

Maybe you are looking to better prepare yourself for parenting. Maybe you are feeling lost, need support and validation, or want ideas for becoming the parent you want to be. Maybe you seek to have an improved relationship with your child. Maybe you are looking for help with co-parenting or figuring out how to marry the different approaches you and your spouse have. Whatever the goal may be, parenting coaching can help. 

Parent Coaching

       Parent coaching allows you the opportunity to have one-on-one guidance regarding your parenting choices. Whether you are expecting, or already have a family, the coaching services can help empower you to be the parent that you want to be to your child(ren). 

What does parent coaching involve?

        Parent coaching is one-on-one guidance either in person or online. Most parents seek out coaching when they are facing a parenting struggle but parent coaching does not have to be focused on resolving an issue. In fact, parents often find parent coaching beneficial when they are preparing for a parenting event (welcoming a new baby, approaching a new stage of development, going through a transition, etc.) 

         Parent coaching is unique for each individual or couple. We will discuss your needs and goals and make the best plan for accomplishing them.

Parenting Consultation

***Parent coaching is NOT therapy. While I will gather the information I need to best help you along your parenting journey this does not serve as therapy. Coaching sessions will, however, help you learn from your past experiences to empower you to become the parent you want to be!

Coaching Packages

The Postpartum Plan


Individualized postpartum planning at it's best. We will work through all of your postpartum details, including the ones you may not have considered!

1 hour session (in-person or online)

PDF of your fully customized Postpartum Plan

Access to easy freezer meals recipes resource


The Complete Care Package

This coaching package provides the best value and thorough care. With the time to really get to know you and your family I am able to provide the best quality coaching. Multiple sessions allows for us to make adjustments as needed and allows you to feel more supported. Change takes time and commitment, that's why this package is priced to be the best value for both your time and your money.

1 one-hour discovery session (in-person or online)

3 30-minute sessions (in-person or online)

Emailed plan of action

Brief follow-up call

*Additional resources may be provided if needed. 

Additional sessions are available at the discounted rate of $80 per hour session or $40 per 30-minute session (applies to this package only.)

Best Value!   $200

The Helping Hands Package


This coaching package is best for parents who feel they do not need an in-depth coaching experience. This package allows me time to get to know your family and situation while also being able to provide valuable insights and suggestions. 

1 hour session (in-person or online)

Emailed plan of action

Brief follow-up call

*Additional resources may be provided if needed. 

The Quick Fix Package


The Quick Fix gets down to business, providing parents with a short session to briefly discuss what is going on and receive general insights and suggestions. 

1 30-minute session (online or phone call)

Emailed notes

*Additional resources may be provided if needed. 

Welcome Baby Package

Congratulations on your new baby! ​There is so much to learn when you become a new parent and this package is designed to help you learn some of the most important parts. The Welcome Baby package provides individualized postpartum support around attachment and bonding, sleep, swaddling, fussing/crying, bath time, nail clipping, babywearing, and finding balance in your new life as a parent. The first one hour session is best scheduled before baby arrives.

2 one-hour sessions (in-person is best, online is also available)

Customized Postpartum Plan (created before baby's arrival)

Bonding with Baby Webinar

6 week access to Newborn Parenting Toolkit 

Weekly check-in for 4 weeks (phone or online)

4 weeks of phone support


Welcome Sibling Package


Congratulations on your new baby! You probably know what you are doing this time around so the Welcome Sibling package is geared toward all of the adjustments that happen when you bring another child into your home. You will recieve individualized postpartum support around attachment and bonding (for you and siblings), regressions and behaviors, babywearing, multi-tasking, and finding balance in your new life as a parent of multiple children. The one hour session is best scheduled before baby arrives.

1 one-hour session (in-person is best, online is also available)

1 30-minute session (in-person or online)

Customized Postpartum Plan (created before baby's arrival)

Bonding with Baby Webinar

6 week access to the Big Sibling Toolkit

Weekly check-in for 4 weeks (phone or online)

The Pop In

The Pop In is simply that, a quick 10 minute phone call to "pop-in" with your parenting question. This is designed to be a quick check in for clients who have already experienced the Complete Care, Welcome Baby, or Welcome Sibling packages. It is also available to those who have taken one or more Attached at the Heart Parenting classes in a private setting. 


Family History Coaching

Childhood Influences

Studies have shown that our past experiences influence the choices we make in our future. Our childhood experiences have the power to inform the choices we make when parenting our own children. We may choose to replicate the things we found meaningful or formative to us. We may also choose to do some things that we did not like differently when we have our own children.

There are also the unconscious actions that occur. For example you often hear people say "I opened my mouth and my mother came out!"

Adverse Childhood Experiences

Life is full of challenges and adversity, some face more than others. Growing up in a home where there is separation or divorce, mental illness, or substance abuse are some of the most common experiences that can have long term effects on a child.

Knowing how the experiences and adversity you faced as a child influence your parenting can be not only informative but also empowering. It allows you to let go of feelings of disappointment, shame, guilt, or anger and empowers you to make different choices for your family. Having that knowledge also gives you the opportunity to help your child cope with any adversities that they may face as they grow. 

Do you want to know how your past may influence your parenting style? Do you want to learn how to do things differently than how you were raised? Do you want to know how to marry the differences between you and your spouse's experiences to create a unique style that will work for your family? Schedule parent coaching and let's work together to make the best future for your children!

Family History Package

$375 per couple


$275 for individual

The Family History Package is a different kind of guidance. We will take the time to explore how you were raised and how it influences your own parenting. This package can be done as an individual or as a couple.

2 one-hour family history sessions (in-person is best, online is also available)

1 one-hour parent planning session (in-person or online)

Post session check-ins (because bringing up family history can be painful)

Emailed report of family history and parenting plan

**Individual package is available and includes a one-hour family history session (in-person is best, online is also available)

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