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Speaking Engagements


I love spreading knowledge to others! I can speak on a variety of topics, in a variety of settings. Whether it is at a conference, workshop, business gathering, retreat, or even a church or moms club event, I can tailor a talk to any audience.

Some popular topics are:

          - attachment and bonding

          - positive discipline

          - child development

          - trauma and adversity

          - principles of attachment parenting

          - emotional regulation

          - co-parenting

          - motherhood/parenthood challenges

Have an idea that isn't listed? Let's talk! I'd love to work with you to create a topic that best suits your needs.

See me here!

Check me out at some of these upcoming events!

No current events are scheduled...check back later for 2022 engagements.

Past events include:

          Early childhood education conferences

          School counseling conferences

          Mental health conferences and summits

          Foster care conferences

          Birth/Perinatal conferences

          Speaking at moms groups


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