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Bonding with Baby webinar

Bonding with Baby

In this webinar you will learn about the importance of bonding with your baby. Featuring a review of over a dozen tools for creating a secure attachment that will last from birth, until forever.

I am excited to offer webinars for those interested in learning more to aid in their parenting!

No More Diapers

Whether you are just thinking about potty training, or if you have found that it just hasn't worked for your child yet, this one hour webinar will give you all of the information and tips you need for success!

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Coming Soon!

The Science of Attachment

In this webinar we dive into the science behind Attachment Parenting. We will explore the biology, anthropology, and psychology of attachment. This interesting and informative webinar will leave you feeling even more empowered in your parenting choices, knowing that there is scientific evidence to back up your natural instincts. 

Infant Sleep: Facts, Myths, and Tips for Rest

Infant sleep is one of the most frequently talked about topics among parents. It seems everyone fields the question "how's the baby sleeping?" In this webinar we are going to discuss the facts, and the myths, about infant sleep. I am also going to give you some tips for feeling rested during this phase of life. 


Understanding Development: Managing Realistic Expectations

Childhood development is one of the most important topics a parent can get educated about! This webinar is going to cover a variety of topics related to childhood development, starting from birth and working through Kindergarten age. This webinar will help you understand normal childhood development as well as prepare you to have realistic and manageable expectations for them.

Attachment Parenting: Preventing Adverse Childhood Experiences (ACEs)

If you do not know what Adverse Childhood Experiences (ACEs) are, then you should. The ACE study is a ground breaking study that has been built upon since the 1980's. This webinar is the perfect introduction to what ACEs are, the impact they have on our lives and on our society as a whole, as well as how Attachment Parenting can help put a stop to ACEs being passed down through generations in our families. Jam packed full of enlightening information that everyone should know about, you won't regret taking this webinar!

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