Nashville Classes 

Group Classes:


There are no group class scheduled at this time.

Individual Classes:

Individual classes are available in the comfort of your own home or in a public location of your choosing. Please see the Private Classes below to see your options.

**Note: During this time of "safer at home", all classes are being held virtually. 

Online Classes

There are no online classes scheduled at this time. Feel free to contact me to schedule a private online class.

Private Classes

Parenting 101   

1 Hour Online Class - $15

Parenting 101 is an introduction to the world of parenting, covering all the topics and answering questions new parents want to know about. Topics include: creating bonds and healthy attachment, nursing, bottle feeding, and babyled weaning, safe sleep, and the world of the working parent. Ideal for expecting couples and parents of children 1 and under.

The Not-So-Terrible Two's

1 Hour Online Class - $15

This class offers a new perspective to the age old saying "terrible two's." In this class we will learn about early childhood development, realistic expectations, and strategies for successfully parenting your willful toddler. (Ideal for parents of 18 months - 3 year olds)

Attached at the Heart Parenting Program

Classes are 2 hours each and there are 10 sessions to choose from. Because it is individually based I am able to offer a little more flexibility with scheduling. 

Cost: $30 per class

          $200 for the whole course (Best Value!) 

(Don't be scared off by the cost, inquire here if this may be a financial hardship for you.)

What to Expect:

          - In-depth discussion of Attachment Parenting principles 

          - Parenting tips and handouts

          - Interactive activities to deepen learning

          - Confidence in your ability to have a securely attached, respectful, nurtured                                  relationship with your child(ren). 

What is covered in the Attached at the Heart parenting classes?

The curriculum provides insight into childrearing with specific tools to help parents learn more about child development, neuroscience and positive discipline, to trust the intuitive knowledge of their child, and ultimately build a foundation that will strengthen parent-child attachment.




Module 1 –Charting a New Course: Breaking the Ties that bind


Module 2 – Principle 1   Prepare yourself for Pregnancy, Birth and Parenting


Module 3 – Principle 2 Feed with Love and Respect


Module 4 – Principle 3 Responding with Sensitivity


Module 5 - Principle 4 Use Nurturing Touch


Module 6–Principle 5 Ensure Safe Sleep, Physically and Emotionally


Module 7 – Principle 6 Provide Consistent, Loving Care


Module 8 – Principle 7 Practice Positive Discipline


Module 9 – Principle 8 Strive for Balance in Your Personal and Family Life


Module 10 – Nurturing Children for a Compassionate World

* For more information about each module please contact me

Common Questions

Do I have to have a certain style of parenting to attend classes?

All backgrounds are welcome! Come into the class ready to learn, take what will work for you and leave the rest. With that said, my hope is that you can see the benefit of the evidenced-based practices outlined in class and incorporate attachment parenting into your style.

Who are these classes for?

Anyone who is interested in learning about gentle/positive/natural/responsive parenting and the 8 principles of Attachment Parenting is encouraged to attend! That may include expecting parents, families who are continuing to grow, grandparents, caregivers, professionals, or anyone else looking to expand their knowledge of attachment parenting. 

Do I have to buy the Attached at the Heart book to take the Attached at the Heart classes?

No. However it is highly recommended. The book is going to provide more in-depth information as well as serve as a reference for the future. While you do not need the book to take the class I encourage you to add it to your at-home library. 




Can I bring my child to class?

Babies under 1 are welcome to attend. I do encourage you to consider how your learning is impacted when your attention is divided. Because of the pace of the class, the depth of the information, the personal sharing, and out of respect for others in the learning environment, older babies and children are unable to attend. Please contact me if you would like to speak about childcare options.


I am taking the class individually in-home, can my child(ren) be present                            then?

For those taking the class individually I encourage you to think about how you may learn with your attention divided. Ultimately though, I will leave that decision up to you. 

I am interested in taking the class but I am not sure that I can afford to take it. What should I do?

Contact me with any concerns. We will discuss a possible payment plan or other arrangements that may be able to be made. 

Can I gift classes or webinars to someone?

What an incredible gift to give to someone you care about! Yes, you absolutely can gift classes and webinars! Contact me and we can get that set up!

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