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Sweet Sisters

Watching the loving relationship between my two young daughters has to be one of the most rewarding parts of motherhood right now. The love they share is so unique, so innocent, so can bring tears to my eyes and take my breath away.

Now, don't get me wrong, they definitely argue and fight. They make each other cry. The oldest excludes the youngest, the youngest hits the oldest (at least she quickly grew out of biting though). I spend a good part of my day hearing "she did xyz" or the whine of a toddler who can't yet tattle.

But the other, better, part of my day is spent watching this special relationship grow and evolve.

It is hearing the thud of feet coming down the hallway first thing in the morning as my oldest does her best to carry her little sister into the living room. Not because the toddler can't walk, but because she wanted sister to carry her, and so, that's exactly what sister did.

It is the heart melting moment when the littlest asks for her sister to "snuggle me." And so they climb up on the couch and that little body holds an even littler body to her chest, a sight so familiar and nurturing, it's like I've seen this somewhere before.

It is when my toddler asks me every single day, "why" do we have to bring sister to school?

It is when that little person has to have the car window open, even when it is raining or snowing, so that she can yell goodbye and "I love you, have a good day" as her big sister marches into school.

It is when that same little sister asks me 50 million times before noon, "when do we go get sister from school?"

There is this sweetness that lives in those moments, when they are so caring for one another, caring without prompting from anyone. That sweetness lies in a hug because someone is crying or getting the other a snack because they got one for themselves; when they bring the other a toy just because they thought their sister would like it. That sweetness I see, it builds up and I could just burst with love.

If you have a sibling you know how special that bond can be. And if you are lucky, like I am, you have a sister. There is something about sisters, it's not better, just different, and oh so wonderful. You will drive each other insane one moment and be ready to fight to the death for them the next. It is such a unique bond, one that I am so grateful to have myself, and one that I am so grateful that my girls are getting to experience.

It isn't easy raising such sweet sisters. It takes work to get them to have empathy and understanding for one another. It takes involvement to remind them that they are more than siblings, they are friends, friends that will always be there for one another. It is a process that started from the moment that little baby sister took up residency in my belly, and it will continue even into their adulthood. But it is completely worth all the effort! Because, when I see them hugging, holding hands, and snuggling up to go to sleep at night, I know that they don't just have their dad and I, they have each other...sweet sisters.

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