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Babywearing for the Win!

Updated: Oct 9, 2018

My oldest was one month old when I stumbled into the world of babywearing. I got myself a Moby wrap because she never wanted to be put down, and I, a first-time mother, was overly attentive to every whimper, whine, and protest. My daughter needed me, and to be honest, I needed to get stuff done. So I found some YouTube videos, taught myself how to wrap her up. And down the rabbit-hole we went.....

The Wonderfulness of Babywearing

Is there anything not wonderful about babywearing? It allowed for so much! My daughter's needs for comfort and security were met. I had the freedom to accomplish my daily tasks, such as laundry, dishes, vacuuming, yard work, and so on. Babywearing gave us a the ability to have skin-to skin contact if that's what we wanted. It allowed for me to go on hikes through the wilderness without needing a stroller. Actually, it allowed me to bring her wherever I wanted without the need for a cumbersome stroller....which was wonderful!

And I will never forget when my sister wore her niece for the first time. The special connection it allowed them to have, and how much love was literally wrapped up between them.

Now with a second child I see babywearing in a new light. Not only does it provide all the things it did with my first child, but it also allows for my baby and I to have a connection while at the same time having my hands free to attend to my first-born. I can be at horse-back riding lessons, or swim lessons, or bringing her to some fun public activity and have a close connection with my baby while also having a more big-kid interaction with my other daughter.

The Babywearing Bonus

I didn't realize it when I first began babywearing, but as I got more into it, attended Babywearing International meetings and joined babywearing groups online, I found that there is a whole supportive community of babywearers out there. Moms and dads who love babywearing; who will help you learn, and who will support you in life struggles beyond how to do a Rucksack carry. It's a wonderful thing to have that additional support; to have a space to form friendships and bond with other parents. To know that there are like-minded parents out there, just trying to survive parenthood while meeting the needs of their babies and toddlers in the best way they know how.

Babywearing gives parents an opportunity to provide their child with a nurturing touch while also balancing the everyday tasks of life. And that's a win in my book!

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